Thou Shalt Think Not Overthink

Thinking is a vital ingredient for developing solutions to problems. Overthinking is a disease caused from the hesitancy and fear of making a wrong choice.  I’m a recovering chronic overthinker. I relapse from time to time. But in the past, I always overanalyzed  minor situations. This paralysis by analysis is mentally draining and shows lack of confidence. I hear the voice in my head saying, “you should do this”, “don’t do this”, “why are you doing this”? It makes me so hesitant and stressed that I annoy myself and friends. One day a friend and I were in the Village. I was hungry, but couldn’t decide on a place to eat. I kept replaying in my head the list of foods from the neighborhood restaurants. We walked a few blocks till I finally decided to get a burrito.  This was nonsensical. My friend voiced his displeasure before entering the restaurant. He said, “you gotta make up your mind”.  Well, I made up my mind after writing this post that I will be 100% more decisive.

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