Why Do You Want To Change?

Why do you want to change? Is it for yourself or are you competing with others? I’m a proponent for change because it’s instrumental for growth and prosperity. You can’t prosper without it. I always want to be an evolving man. Life is always changing and I want to be a part of it. I don’t want to be in the background muttering, “That looks fun but I’m just too scared to try it”. Change is scary, but it can be exhilirating because one doesn’t know what to expect. For example, a 19 year old Javier  is tired of dating younger women because of their immaturity and materialistim. He meets a 35 year old woman in a supermarket and cell numbers are exchanged. Javier promises to call  before leaving the store. He’s excited and nervous about dating a older woman. So he can either:

  • delete her number from his cell.
  • keep the number but don’t call.
  • call and don’t say anything.
  • brag to friends and not pursue.
  • continue dating women his age.
  • go on the date and have fun.

Let’s go through the choices. Deleting her number means  he either lacks confidence or finds a new woman. By keeping the number and not calling he’s just wasting space in his address book. If he calls and doesn’t say anything, he’s extremely shy and his self esteem needs an upgrade. Bragging to friends temporarily boosts his self esteem and ego but fear prevents him from taking the next step. He continues dating younger women because of familiarity and comfort. The final choice is dating the older woman and having fun even though this is unfamiliar territory.  But it can open his mind to new ideas, scenery and culture. What would you choose?

* P.S. I have nothing against younger women. To categorize a specific segment of woman is irresponsible and unjust.

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