You Can Overcome

When I go to the neighborhood park to workout, I watch an elderly man jog along the track with  focus and determination. At one time he walked gingerly with a cane. Now he doesn’t. The guy stretches his arms, walks and later jogs. While the majority of people socialize, he concentrates on his exercises. A few years ago he had a stroke. I’m amazed at his recovery. But why should I be? His turnaround was based on a belief that he would walk again. Beliefs manifest into reality whether positive or negative. He told me that he spent time lying in the hospital with other patients who had giving up on life, but, he didn’t let it affect him. The guy exercised to strengthen his muscles. We have to feed the mind with positive thoughts to enjoy life and eventually a optimistic attitude will gradually attract superior circumstances. The elderly man’s fruitful thoughts helped him overcome his obstacle. Now, do you have the mental strength to overcome yours?

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