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Mediocre People

Mediocre people are detrimental to your health. They mostly watch tv, web surf, gossip, complain and engage in a variety of unimportant activities. It’s always the same ol, same ol, day after day and year after year. Mediocre people don’t do anything to elevate their lives. They pitch tents, settle and watch friends, loved ones and celebrities live amazing lives. These people can do the same thing, but it takes too much time, effort and hard work.

Disappointments and setbacks could have crushed their spirits which made them cower from life. Don’t let these people affect you. Remove yourself from them because you will become a member of their cult. They’ll drag you down and fill your mind with negativity and hopelessness.

They tend to reminisce of the glory years, when they were younger and life was easier. People admired and respected them because of their looks, clothes or popularity. This state of mind keeps them stuck in the past. Now they’re overweight, underweight, miserable or depressed.

I was once a mediocre person. I hung around people who complained and didn’t do anything with their lives. Most of the time we discussed women and entertainment instead of ideas to help better ourselves. If we did, it was fleeting because we were “Watchers” of Life not participants.

I became bored with Life because my days were monotonous. I didn’t use God’s talents to better myself and the world. But one day, while recording a poetry cd with my friend Terrance I suddenly changed. He told me to stop talking in a circle of conversation because I was known for saying what I was gonna do or couldn’t do.

I still face challenges. It’s not easy. But I won’t give up. I’m a Champion and you are too. Let’s conquer the world.


Is Your Virtual Life Better Than Your Real Life?

Let me see who’s on Facebook.  What’s up Lisa? I like the pictures from Josalyn’s party.  Why didn’t you tell me about it?, asks Isaac. I sent an rsvp, but you didn’t respond, Lisa replies. It’s cool because I was talking to Tamara. Who’s Tamara, she inquires. I met her on Tagged. She’s 21 years old, single and lives in Florida. I’ll send you her pic, says Isaac. Are you going to visit her? I don’t know. That’s a long trip, laughs Isaac. How long have ya’ll been talking? she asks. Maybe two months. Hey, guess who I found on Facebook?  Who?, asks Lisa. Harold Renaldo, he says. I haven’t seen him since High School. How is he? I’ll send a friend invite, she responds. He’s good. Renaldo has two kids and a catering business. We chatted for a while. I sent a message last week and he hasn’t responded, explains Isaac.

Oh I see. Have you been outside yet? It looks nice, Lisa says. Hold on Lisa,  let me go to the weather channel website. It’s 80 degrees. I’m gonna chill today. I don’t feel like getting dressed, he solemnly explains.  Guess what Issac? I saw Sandra on my lunchbreak last Tuesday. She works at Saks Fifth Avenue and attends the Brooklyn Law School, says Lisa. Is she on Facebook? Let me check. Sandra, Sandra, Sandra. What’s her last name? She’s not on Facebook, he says disappointingly. I asked her before we gave our goodbyes. We exchanged numbers and set up a date for lunch, Lisa answers.

Is she still fine? John excitedly asks. Sandra still looks amazing. She lived in France for a year, Lisa answers. Stop playing. What was she doing in France?, Isaac inquires. Sandra taught 8th grade English. I got on her for not being on Facebook, says Lisa. Everyone’s on there. Is she on Twitter or LinkedIn?, he asks. No. Sandra says she’s too busy. Man, I just work my 9-5, go home, eat and web surf.  The plantation wears me out, so I need a series of stress relievers, laughs Isaac. Whatever happpened with your autobiography? Lisa asks. Yeah, I need to finish it. I lost inspiration. It’s a lot of work. I’ll get back to it.

I’m bored. What are you doing later, Lisa asks. Nothing. You know what, I have to send Tamara some pictures of me and my colleagues at work. Oh, she says dejectedly. I’m gonna download Jay-Z’s new album. After I listen to it, I’ll post my comments on Facebook. Hey, why don’t you join the Willbrough H.S. group. I didn’t because my friend got a virus when she joined, Lisa recalls. Anyway, I’ll talk to you later. My homegirl just came online, says Isaac.


This post is inspired by a YouTube video of Hip Hop Preacher, Eric Thomas speaking to a classroom of college students about success. Thomas believes that sacrificing temporary pleasures and working hard leads to achievement. I agree. You have to want it so bad that you’re willing to forgo sleeping and eating. I disagree. Food and rest provides mental and physical energy which can be used to continue on your journey to success. Why destroy your mind and body? He gives solid examples of Beyonce and 50 Cent sacrificing sleep and food in attaining stardom. Personally, I am sluggish and cranky if I get insufficient rest or food. I take naps when I work on projects. By doing this, I don’t need much sleep at night because I’m energized. However, the small meals keeps my brain charged with fresh ideas making it possible for me to work for a longer period of time. There needs to be a balance with rest, food and work to perform optimally on a consistent basis. Why burn yourself out striving for your goals? I’m not a hater. I want you to succeed in life. Just don’t forget about your health. Neglect it and you won’t be able to enjoy success. Anyway, take a look at this very powerful video.

Get Paid What Your Worth

What are you worth? You have to know this because people will undervalue your services.  A person with minimal talent and extreme confidence is going to earn more. They’ll know their handicaps and rectify it with hard work and finding the right people to assist them. Also, the less talented person values their contribution to a consumer. So they don’t hesitate in charging a high fee for rendered services . If you provide an enormous amount of value to the public then you deserve more money.  A person’s time, knowledge and skills are important for society’s advancement. We pay to make our lives easier, pleasant and efficient. If a employer or customer decides not to give you top dollar for your services then move on. Focus on those who appreciate your skills and will pay you accordingly.  Always believe in yourself. People don’t believe in those with defeatist attitudes. So why let low self esteem hinder your income potential?