Get Paid What Your Worth

What are you worth? You have to know this because people will undervalue your services.  A person with minimal talent and extreme confidence is going to earn more. They’ll know their handicaps and rectify it with hard work and finding the right people to assist them. Also, the less talented person values their contribution to a consumer. So they don’t hesitate in charging a high fee for rendered services . If you provide an enormous amount of value to the public then you deserve more money.  A person’s time, knowledge and skills are important for society’s advancement. We pay to make our lives easier, pleasant and efficient. If a employer or customer decides not to give you top dollar for your services then move on. Focus on those who appreciate your skills and will pay you accordingly.  Always believe in yourself. People don’t believe in those with defeatist attitudes. So why let low self esteem hinder your income potential?

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