This post is inspired by a YouTube video of Hip Hop Preacher, Eric Thomas speaking to a classroom of college students about success. Thomas believes that sacrificing temporary pleasures and working hard leads to achievement. I agree. You have to want it so bad that you’re willing to forgo sleeping and eating. I disagree. Food and rest provides mental and physical energy which can be used to continue on your journey to success. Why destroy your mind and body? He gives solid examples of Beyonce and 50 Cent sacrificing sleep and food in attaining stardom. Personally, I am sluggish and cranky if I get insufficient rest or food. I take naps when I work on projects. By doing this, I don’t need much sleep at night because I’m energized. However, the small meals keeps my brain charged with fresh ideas making it possible for me to work for a longer period of time. There needs to be a balance with rest, food and work to perform optimally on a consistent basis. Why burn yourself out striving for your goals? I’m not a hater. I want you to succeed in life. Just don’t forget about your health. Neglect it and you won’t be able to enjoy success. Anyway, take a look at this very powerful video.

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