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I hate rejections. I can’t cry over it. Christ was rejected and he was trying to save mankind. Oftentimes I brush it off but sometimes I take it personally. A few seconds ago, I read an email from a prospective employer. My writing style didn’t fit their criteria. I felt a bit sad. The sender gives a list of companies who might be interested in my services.

I commend the person for replying in a timely fashion. Also, the recommendation of sites  is professional and classy. I want to be a stronger and versatile writer. I can’t let this setback stop me. I’m hurt but there’s no way I’m giving up. I have to keep punching these keys so companies can’t reject me.

The inquiries of my writing services will be so overwhelming that I’ll be doing the rejecting. Of course not in a vindictive way. Burning bridges isn’t smart. It’s about building and maintaining connections. I will achieve and succeed.


A Big Thank You

Wassup everyone! I recently did a post entitled “The Zombies of Life for It feels good reading people’s feedback. I have to thank Andrew Galasetti for giving me a platform to express my ideas and contribute to his site. Definitely check out It’s a great site on positivity and personal development. Here’s my post—>  Also, I can’t forget Walter Adena. Thank you for commenting on my “Mediocre People” entry. His site  is amazing and very thought provoking.


Omar Hasan

Nothing In Common

I don’t have anything in common with you. The past is the past. Don’t call or speak to me again. Poof. Now I can live my life. lol. Growth is painful especially when others don’t grow with you. You remember the days of long conversations and hanging out together. In two years the relationship changes. Maybe there isn’t one. What happened? You and your friend outgrew each other. It’s sad but this is life.

You try to make an effort to conserve the relationship. You call and text the person. But the energy isn’t the same.You share memories evoking laughter and the “Yeah I remember that” line. Ya’ll promise to catch up on “old times” which never manifests. It isn’t a priority because there aren’t any commonalities.

Why should I call? I don’t have anything to say. When you call the conversation ends quickly or there’s a notion  to force rapport. How many of you have done this? I know I have. If you have to push  to develop rapport then it isn’t worth it. We have to move on and hold on to the memories.

It Can’t Come Quick Enough/Ready To Leap To The Next Level

Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue. I said it twice. I believe it, but once in a while there’s a ounce of doubt. When am I going to reap the benefits of being a writer. I can’t do odd jobs forever. I want to have a family and be financially free. It’s my destiny to be successful. My definition of success is being happy and living a quality life. I guess, I’m sort of successful. I’ve interviewed entertainers for hip hop sites and a publication.

But, my spirit wants more. It has an unquenchable appetite. I have to keep moving forward to please myself  and God. People around me are motivating me with their endeavors. It inspires me, but  I have to focus on myself.

I know I’m progressing because ambitious  people are appearing and various opportunities are arising. But, I’m growing impatient. I want to use my writing talents to transform the lives of people with ideas and words of encouragement.

That’s why I created this blog.  When I graduated from college, I didn’t know about blogging. My goal was to become a Screenwriter. I thought everything would be simple. My post college  journey  was painful and heartbreaking. I didn’t have any completed scripts. I took Screenwriting courses but I never took the initiative to finish a script so I could hire an agent to market it. I gave up and  landed a job at a camera rental place after a few years of temporary work with a staffing agency.

The job was fun because the people were laid back and cool. It gravitated around learning  the film camera and becoming an Assistant Cameraman within a year. But after awhile, the excitement dimmed. It wasn’t the job, but my spirit wanted something else. So, I quit my job and returned to the temp agency. My schedule was flexible and I could find other side gigs.  After a few years of wandering through life, I’m focused and ready to use writing for the attainment of riches for the mind, body and soul.