Nothing In Common

I don’t have anything in common with you. The past is the past. Don’t call or speak to me again. Poof. Now I can live my life. lol. Growth is painful especially when others don’t grow with you. You remember the days of long conversations and hanging out together. In two years the relationship changes. Maybe there isn’t one. What happened? You and your friend outgrew each other. It’s sad but this is life.

You try to make an effort to conserve the relationship. You call and text the person. But the energy isn’t the same.You share memories evoking laughter and the “Yeah I remember that” line. Ya’ll promise to catch up on “old times” which never manifests. It isn’t a priority because there aren’t any commonalities.

Why should I call? I don’t have anything to say. When you call the conversation ends quickly or there’s a notion  to force rapport. How many of you have done this? I know I have. If you have to push  to develop rapport then it isn’t worth it. We have to move on and hold on to the memories.

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