Stop Making Excuses And Just Do It

A co-worker inspires me to write this post. At work my co-workers and I are  talking outside and we see a young lady. She’s nice looking. The woman is tall, has a light brown complexion, slim figure and braids.

 She’s maybe in her mid-late 30’s. My co-worker Lorenzo (not real name) is fawning over her. “Look at her legs man, I would love a woman like that, I like tall women”, he says. 

 By the way he was sizing up her body with his eyes I can tell he really likes her. I leave the group and approach her. She’s very approachable We chit chat about her job for a couple of minutes and I leave. 

My other co-worker, Rodney smiles (not real name) and says “playa playa”. But I don’t want to be a playa.

I’m not a playa. I just want to show Lorenzo that you have to take a chance. You won’t know the outcome until you try. I explain to him that she’s real cool and he should  talk to her. But he says “shes outta my league”.

Rodney is an employed, handsome, middle aged man. They will make a nice looking couple. But only if he “TALKS” to her. I didn’t tell him. But those are my feelings. Anyway, he doesn’t budge. He continues gawking and waves at her.

I’ve done the same thing. Every man has but you have to be courageous. What does “outta my league mean? It’s a coverup for being afraid and not taking ACTION.  We tend to put people on a pedestal because of their looks.

Women aren’t supernatural beings neither are men. Show the person that your the coolest person she’ll ever meet. You do this by displaying confidence. Not arrogance, CONFIDENCE.

Get your life together if you haven’t.  So you can’t dismiss yourself nor can she. She’ll want to be with you when she discovers your amazing lifestyle of pursuing your passion, travelling, horseback riding or whatever. If she isn’t interested, who cares, move on.

 There are more WOMEN. So many women are looking for positive brothers living amazing lives. Well, if your not then you’ll be intimidated.

Beat on your chest and say “I MUST AND I SHALL” and go after that woman you can’t stop looking at. Of course don’t beat on your chest in public. Women think your crazy.

Just mentally say it or think of anything else which inspires you to take action. We have a month left till 2010. Your mission is to go after your dreams and begin the new year with that beautiful looking woman by your side.

P.S. make sure she’s the type of woman who’s positive and ambitious.

  1. Loved this post. I always go by the principle that if you don’t ask, the answer is already no.

    You have great advice for your fellow gentlemen.

    What I like in a man? That he clearly knows and likes himself. This will radiate off of him, and women can pick this up a mile away.

    I knew Mr Very Right had it all together the instant I laid eyes on him. And my male friends have that same sense of self.

    And like you said, this is not arrogance. It is confidence.

      • kentrelldawkins9
      • November 7th, 2009

      Thanks Eliza.

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