Free Yourself

Escape the mental and physical clutter and just free yourself. Why do we trap ourselves in destructive thoughts and materialism. We’re scared to free our minds with stillness. We have to be busy, worry over things that aren’t important. Busy doing nothing at all. But trying to be seen and appreciated by people who care only about themselves. Appreciate yourself and don’t put your life in other peoples hands.

Your loved ones and friends are concerned about themselves. They should be because it’s their LIFE. They aren’t here to control you and steer you forward in hopes that you will utilize your time on Earth. If they are they’re crazy. They’re figuring things out just like you are.  How they can make more money? Why they can’t move forward from broken relationships? How they can’t shake a bad habit?  ETC, ETC.

We’re looking for answers from the Bible, Personal Development articles, blogs, gurus and anything else to satiate our appetites in becoming superior individuals. Some apply techniques and wisdom while others just absorb material. I believe that once we free ourselves we’ll look at life differently and achieve goals. When we do this we aren’t inhibited with negativity and stress.

These things slow us down and drains mental and physical power. Then to get rid of the problem we drink, smoke, curse, complain, eat DESTRUCTIVE foods and do other things. We sit up at night instead of sleeping because we’re thinking of problems.  That’s why I’m up because my mind is focusing on what someone didn’t do. It’s silly and crazy. I’m not sleeping because I’m thinking of a person’s actions. I’m a fool.

So am I gonna lose sleep over this person? I’m stupid if I do. I’ll be tired in the morning because of worry. While the person is happy from a full 8 hours of sleep. Don’t you ever, ever give your POWER away to people. It’s disastrous because your saying that he or she is stronger and more important than you. Don’t stay up worrying. Get a good nights rest. And yes I am going to bed as well.

Good Night

Omar Hasan

  1. Hi Omar,
    Your thoughts resonates.I’m slowly learning negativity doesn’t take a man anywhere. Although it’s hard to work on yourself, I’m trying my best to do it. I’m at a much better place these days.

    Check out this blog:
    You might enjoy it.:)

      • Omar Hasan
      • December 10th, 2009

      What’s up Reena? Thanks for your comments. Negativity just depresses and demotivates you. I’m glad everything is working out for you. It’s a constant battle against negativity. I will check out the blog.

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