Your Better Than That

Your advancing in life. You see gradual improvements in social and career situations. Everything is everything like the Lauryn Hill song. You’re unstoppable. Achieving goals and breaking down walls of fear builds this super confidence. Each day your visualizing, reading affirmations and personal development blogs. You share knowledge to people with  limiting views on life.

Your patient and understanding but you don’t want to stay on the rollercoaster of “I Can’t” and “Woe Is Me”. So you leave these people alone and focus on yourself. But then later on your feeling blue. It’s as if someone put a spell on you. You can’t understand it. Why am I feeling this way?

Now, there are thoughts of a fearful past and  future. The What If’s appear in your mind. What If I don’t get this job, girl, or career? I don’t see any progress. What will I do? I know I TKO’D obstacles in the past. I can do it. But I’m trying everything to reach my goals. But I don’t see anything.

I send a correspondence to this person. Check. I email Chester in Philadelphia regarding a position with the Milford Company. Check.  The girl at the art gallery is beautiful. I text her in the afternoon. It’s 8:00pm and no response. I want a career in Personal Development. But I’m also interesting in cooking. What do I do? I’m overwhelmed and confused.

Let me call an ex girl friend even though I know she’s no good for me. I need someone to talk to and make me feel good. How can she make me feel good. I bet you she’s still talking about the same things she was talking about 10 years ago. I’ll call anyway. I haven’t had devil dogs in a minute. I’ll get one from off the top of the fridge.

I’m watching my diet. But I’m depressed. Why don’t anyone want to talk to me? Why can’t I get this position? What’s taking so long? I’ll be in this same position for the next 20 years. I don’t want to be old, alone and homeless.  STOP, STOP, STOP. If your feeling the blues, wake up because life is great.

You’ll achieve everything you want. Stay in the ring. Don’t throw in the towel. You’re so close. You just can’t see it. But your almost there. Who knows maybe you are there. Manifestations can happen at any time. We are not  God. Stay patient, keep inhaling and exhaling positivity and go to work on your dreams.

Don’t go back to your unknowledgeable and self defeating self. You can’t go back anyway. Because your brain won’t let you. You know too much. Informaton on the subconscious, conscious, affirmations and letting go will stay with you forever. Even if you distract yourself  with wordly and sinful pleasures it’s still there. You ignore this knowledge and it will make  you unhappy because you know what to DO.

Jump on my raft and let’s paddle to greatness.


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