Smile At The Past

Smile at the past? He’s crazy. I had broken relationships, bad health and no money. How can you smile?  And before I forget, I lost my house in 2008.

The End,

Disgruntled Alexandra

This is a fictional  letter. We can always talk of  bad things of the past. Without them we wouldn’t have made it to prosperity. You’re in a positive relationship with someone you love. This isn’t possible if you didn’t part with your fiancee. You were overweight a few years ago. You decide to exercise and monitor your eating habits. So your fit and have a glowing complexion.

Your bank account is flooding with money. Ok, maybe not flooding. But it’s growing and your managing finances. Your preparing for the flood of money with strategy and diligence. Don’t regret the past. You can look back once in a while. But congratulate yourself for ascending onto a new level of life.

Not everyone is able to do it. They lack determination and willpower. Congratulate yourself. Smile. You have a story to tell to the masses of your triumphs.

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