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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I appreciate your feedback to my posts. Thanks for watching my growth as a blogger. I wish everyone a Happy New Year as well. Be well and be successful.


Omar Hasan


Stuck In My Head

I was lethargic and depressed the last couple of days. I didn’t want to leave the house. But, I had to. I couldn’t stay in this state of mind. It was draining me and negative thoughts were raising their glasses to my temporal defeat. I couldn’t escape fear and disappointment. I was in a mental prison.

I didn’t want to reflect. I didn’t want to write. I didn’t want to do anything. But I made a decision to take action. I couldn’t stay mired in depression. My body was cool with it but the mind wouldn’t allow me to stay in this condition. I took in the fresh air, hung out with friends at a bar and met new people at various art exhibits.

My mood changed and I felt alive again.

Fear Not

 Videos on Fear:

Why Fight For Success?

Yesterday, I walked towards the dry cleaners and saw a middle aged African American male lining women shoes on the sidewalk. He took them from a portable rectangular black traveling bag with wheels.

Last year, he sold books in front of the cleaners. I respect him because he’s making legal money. He’s a native of Orangeburg, South Carolina and he remembers eating salt pork and grits everyday. His family was poor. Now, he’s selling shoes to support his six kids.

If this gentleman gives up, his family suffers. People rely on one’s success. They need your hope and perseverance to keep them believing that everything is going to be ok. Eventhough, thoughts of giving up or packing it in invades the mind. You get sick of the same ol, same ol.

Sometimes life feels as if your on a exercise bike. Pedaling hard and fast but going nowhere. Stay in there, your world and life is changing. The disappointments are going to turn into positive experiences very soon.

Keep pedaling till the screws unloosen so you can ride to your destiny.

What You Can Learn From Being Your Own Boss/Be The Boss Of Your Life

I like the entrepreneurial life. You set hours and tasks for the day. I control my product and distribution. It’s fun selling your creation. I can’t believe people are buying my work. It’s great and it rewires thinking patterns. During the majority of my life, I worked to make someone else rich.

It would be interesting to find out how much my employer makes from Omar Hasan’s services. I’m paying their kids tuition, mortgage, retirement fund and their summer home in Barbados (lol). I don’t get angry. It’s a choice. I have freewill. In America, everyone has the opportunity to be the boss of their talents.

Since becoming an author of “The Disappearance Of Hate”, I’ve had to develop marketing tactics. I didn’t take marketing in college.  I didn’t know it’s importance. I’m an artist. This isn’t relevant. As I got older, I realize its significance. Talent is great, but marketing is essential.

The public needs to discover your talent via flyers, word of mouth, social networking, podcasting and other platforms. Once you do this opportunities appear. People want to help spread the word and offer encouragement to your goals. What’s crazy is strangers can offer more support than family and friends.

Yesterday, when I was in the West Village, a middle aged white woman named Susan said “I’m proud of you”.  Only thing I did was give her a flyer and gave insight on my book.  I never met this woman before. I felt so good. Why can’t people I’ve known for more than 10 minutes show me this kind of love? This isn’t directed to those family and friends that are encouraging and supportive.

I guess become I’m a threat. I’m moving to a new level. What will he become? What will he do? He might actually succeed. Damn! can’t let this happen. These thoughts are probably entering their minds. Maybe, I’m overreacting and overthinking. I can’t let people’s actions or inaction stop me.

You have to be a boss of your own life. Your not living for anyone else but yourself and God. Make your own money and grow a empire. What’s wrong with making yourself wealthy? Read motivational blogs and books, escape dead end friends and people. Risk everything to live the life you deserve.

BTW pick up the 50 Laws by 50 Cent and Robert Greene

My current status: Still working a job to support my talents. But this in only temporary. I look forward to remarkable change in 2010.