Why Fight For Success?

Yesterday, I walked towards the dry cleaners and saw a middle aged African American male lining women shoes on the sidewalk. He took them from a portable rectangular black traveling bag with wheels.

Last year, he sold books in front of the cleaners. I respect him because he’s making legal money. He’s a native of Orangeburg, South Carolina and he remembers eating salt pork and grits everyday. His family was poor. Now, he’s selling shoes to support his six kids.

If this gentleman gives up, his family suffers. People rely on one’s success. They need your hope and perseverance to keep them believing that everything is going to be ok. Eventhough, thoughts of giving up or packing it in invades the mind. You get sick of the same ol, same ol.

Sometimes life feels as if your on a exercise bike. Pedaling hard and fast but going nowhere. Stay in there, your world and life is changing. The disappointments are going to turn into positive experiences very soon.

Keep pedaling till the screws unloosen so you can ride to your destiny.

  1. Most of the time, it is very easy to just give up and live in misery. But many does not understand that it takes much great effort to live with the consequences of giving up. 🙂

      • Omar Hasan
      • December 15th, 2009

      You’re right Walter. There are times I feel like giving up on my dreams. But my heart won’t let me.

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