Bad Performance, Bored Audience, Persistent Comic

I was angry last night. I wasted time and energy to see a bad performance at a Art Gallery in New York City. As me and my homeboy sat and played with our mobile phones, the comedian was telling corny jokes and doing bad impersonations. No one laughed. Maybe one or two people. The play was about his life in L.A. and the relationships established between an asian woman, a mexican transsexual, a cab driver, druggie and various people.

This man was in his 60’s, I imagined. I’m not that good at reading peoples age. We age differently. That’s besides the point. But I began to pay attention to this man. He played the harmonica and did poor impersonations of people in L.A. But he didn’t quit, even though people were extremely quiet. We all sat and watched as he expended tremendous energy on stage.

He believed in himself and never cursed or antagonized us for not clapping or laughing at his brand of humor. If you have persistence you can succeed. Skill or talent is useless if your not confident. In the play he said, that he was a comedian for 20 years. I couldn’t believe it. Who would pay to see this kind of performance?

Even if the audience and I find it boring, people are paying to see him. I’m glad I didn’t.  It was free. As he performed there were two large white screens that showed pictures of him in L.A. partying, surrounded with beautiful women, inside a large swimming pool and accompanied with people in a limo. Maybe the images are photoshopped? But I doubt it.

You can’t give up in life. Don’t let rejection stop you from living your dreams because you’ll have regrets. People with less talent and skill will live the life you want. You can’t wait for success. What ever you want in life, you have to take it using a correct mindset and positive action steps. Wait and you’ll be an 80 year old bitter old man or woman with regrets.

As the show continued, I read his bio and was impressed. He’s a writer, director and composer (I think) whose worked on many projects. He could be a millionaire. I don’t know. Even though I don’t care for his comedy, I respect him. It doesn’t make sense to hate someone because you dislike their body of work.  Study why he/or she is successful in their field. They’re doing something that you’re not.

P.S. The only thing I liked about the performance were the band and the singers.

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