Hesitancy in Teaching Self Development

Self Development is what I’m designed to do, but I’m a little apprehensive. I don’t know if I’ll be successful. I have issues, but, I like to help people. I don’t care if this post exposes my insecurities or fears. I have to be honest with myself. If future clients print it, or post it, I’m fine with it.

I’m at peace. I’m human. I’m imperfect. Even though, I’m all these things I want to help people. I can be a listener who empathizes well because I’ve gone through trials and tribulations. So, I can give testimonials and advice because I know what it’s like to be lonely, forgotten, disappointed, broke, naive and depressed. But, I also know what its like to be happy, strong, courageous, ambitious and determined.

These are my qualifications for teaching Self Development to the masses. I have to release these  thoughts and feelings because I didn’t feel right. Negative voices in my head don’t want me to succeed. They never will. It’s their job to keep my unhappy and miserable. But like Jay-Z said, “I will not lose.”

What’s wrong with helping people with their issues? Personal Development blogs helped me believe in myself and pursue goals. I was ambitionless because I didn’t believe that I could become more. Everything in my life revolved around settling. That’s why I kept running into women with low self esteem, weakminded people and those with a poor self image.

I really didn’t believe that I deserved better. Even though, now and again I engage in fistfights with depression, anxiety and fear. Doubts still try to set up shop in my mind.  Once in a while it sets up camp.  I’m depressed and gloomy. But I return with a sub machine gun of positivity bullets. I insert happiness, confidence, perseverance, ambition, will and strength into the clip.

But, I can’t forget God, he’s brought me through the jungle of life.  He continues to help me with his blessings and voice fo reason. I know he pointed me in the direction of personal development. Now, I’m meeting quality women, opportunities are appearing (they were always there I just couldn’t see them) and I love life.  I look forward to working on my goals each day. My state of being is at peace upon its completion.

I want to share information that I’ve learned to others. So, right now I am putting a blueprint together to offer a service in the NYC area. If it extends to 49 other states, that’s cool. But, as my hairbraider use to say “Rome wasn’t built in  a day”. What I do know is that it will tie into my ebook “The Disappearance Of Hate”. Stay tuned.

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