Why Are You Having Trust Issues With Yourself?

We always value people’s opinions. Should I do this? Does this make sense? What do you think? We have the answers to questions and problems, but, we don’t trust ourselves. Why is that?

We are too meek when it comes to people’s opinions. They’re the Ultimate Counsel for answers in the galaxy. All Hail To These People. They’re smarter and know what’s best for me. I can’t think for myself. These people are the Gods Of Knowledge.

They’re human and mistake prone just like you and me. Race doesn’t matter. Age doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. Before, people throw hate my way, I have to admit you do have to listen to people in some instances. We don’t know everything, except for God.

He’s  on another level anyway. But, we give power to people when we don’t make decisions. You have to think and decide for yourself to see what’s the best move. No one knows what your best move is besides you and your heart.

People introduce options, dangers and contingency plans for taking certain steps. Is the person right? How are they so sure that it will or won’t work? Then when we follow the person’s advice. We shake our heads for listening to them. It’s their fault. We’re stupid.

We blame them for not taking responsibility for our actions. What happens if the person is unavailable to help you with your situation? Are you going to harass them? Curse them for not helping you? The act of making a decision empowers you. Who cares if your right or wrong.

No one cares. Some do, but again, who cares. No one is immune from making a mistake. Be proud of making a decision. You cut off your choices, narrowed it down to one option and made a move. Congratulations.

If it was the wrong move, or you were rash with your decision then its a lesson to be learned. We gain insight from mistakes and don’t believe the nonsense that you won’t have any more opportunities. They are limitless. Only people with mental limitations believe in this false reality.

My mistake each person believes in their own reality. What you think is possible will manifest itself and what you don’t think is possible will not manifest itself. Forget the masses and trust your thoughts to make the right decision. Let’s vow to trust ourselves more this year. Who’s in?

  1. hi omar, i’ve actually stumbled across your ezine articles today. anyway, i found your blog and i can say that you inspire me already with your words.. particularly this piece, thanks for writing and sharing. all the best 🙂

      • Omar Hasan
      • October 9th, 2011

      How you doing Noemi? Thanks, I appreciate it. Btw I have a inspirational cookbook entitled “Mental Diet” and it is a collection of recipes to inspire and motivate people to achieve their dreams. You can check it out @ my other blog. http://www.thedisappearanceofhate.wordpress.com

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