In Sickness, There Is Clarity

Yes, in sickness there is clarity. I’m a testament to it. I dislike being sick. But, the it let me know that I need to slow down.  I was overexerting myself. Writing and researching seven days a week and working a temp job. I became a workaholic. I was always on the computer working on projects, researching and listening to music.

 It was all about me. Ididn’t know how to relax and wind down. I ignored my family. Everyone needs a break from work. Who want’s to burn out from their passion/s? Or be alone with the gold plaques?

I just want to write and encourage people.  It’s impossible if my health is affected. Right now, by God’s grace I’m healthy. The days laying in bed showed that I have to increase my leisure.

During that time I watched movies and basketball. Two things that I loved when I was a kid. I shouted and grimaced through made and missed baskets. I perused the cable guide channel for movies. I watched Donnie Brasco and Dead Presidents.

I had fun. Also, the conversation with my parents were more real. It wasn’t a brush off. I wasn’t too busy to communicate with them.  Once again, In sickness there is clarity.

  1. August 17th, 2010

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