What You Can Learn From Being Your Own Boss/Be The Boss Of Your Life

I like the entrepreneurial life. You set hours and tasks for the day. I control my product and distribution. It’s fun selling your creation. I can’t believe people are buying my work. It’s great and it rewires thinking patterns. During the majority of my life, I worked to make someone else rich.

It would be interesting to find out how much my employer makes from Omar Hasan’s services. I’m paying their kids tuition, mortgage, retirement fund and their summer home in Barbados (lol). I don’t get angry. It’s a choice. I have freewill. In America, everyone has the opportunity to be the boss of their talents.

Since becoming an author of “The Disappearance Of Hate”, I’ve had to develop marketing tactics. I didn’t take marketing in college.  I didn’t know it’s importance. I’m an artist. This isn’t relevant. As I got older, I realize its significance. Talent is great, but marketing is essential.

The public needs to discover your talent via flyers, word of mouth, social networking, podcasting and other platforms. Once you do this opportunities appear. People want to help spread the word and offer encouragement to your goals. What’s crazy is strangers can offer more support than family and friends.

Yesterday, when I was in the West Village, a middle aged white woman named Susan said “I’m proud of you”.  Only thing I did was give her a flyer and gave insight on my book.  I never met this woman before. I felt so good. Why can’t people I’ve known for more than 10 minutes show me this kind of love? This isn’t directed to those family and friends that are encouraging and supportive.

I guess become I’m a threat. I’m moving to a new level. What will he become? What will he do? He might actually succeed. Damn! can’t let this happen. These thoughts are probably entering their minds. Maybe, I’m overreacting and overthinking. I can’t let people’s actions or inaction stop me.

You have to be a boss of your own life. Your not living for anyone else but yourself and God. Make your own money and grow a empire. What’s wrong with making yourself wealthy? Read motivational blogs and books, escape dead end friends and people. Risk everything to live the life you deserve.

BTW pick up the 50 Laws by 50 Cent and Robert Greene

My current status: Still working a job to support my talents. But this in only temporary. I look forward to remarkable change in 2010.


Uncomfortable With Comfortable

You ever get to the point where you can’t take it anymore? You just had enough. You gotta make it out of your situation. It’s making you extremely uncomfortable and irate.

Your thinking outside the box and gravitating more to the unknown. You don’t know what to expect but as the saying goes “your sick and tired of being sick and tired”.

Why do we wait to this point?  It doesn’t make sense. We are so use to things being easy. Then when it’s too easy and the soul wants more we get this energy to do more

When we do more the soul is at peace. It’s free. Your happy and want to celebrate with everyone. You love life. Then it’s over. You start settling and unhappiness appears. Then you have to get ready to for war again. This war is going to need more advanced weaponry than the last one.

IMO God gives us the attribute of ambition  to change the world. If no one’s ambitious human life ends. We would die from diseases and ignorance.  It’s your mission to grow, change and help people. Then you’ll leave unsatisfactory and destructive social environments.

The most essential component is changing your mind not others.  Let them self destruct. Your life is a video game with no reset button. Don’t waste it.

Smile At The Past

Smile at the past? He’s crazy. I had broken relationships, bad health and no money. How can you smile?  And before I forget, I lost my house in 2008.

The End,

Disgruntled Alexandra

This is a fictional  letter. We can always talk of  bad things of the past. Without them we wouldn’t have made it to prosperity. You’re in a positive relationship with someone you love. This isn’t possible if you didn’t part with your fiancee. You were overweight a few years ago. You decide to exercise and monitor your eating habits. So your fit and have a glowing complexion.

Your bank account is flooding with money. Ok, maybe not flooding. But it’s growing and your managing finances. Your preparing for the flood of money with strategy and diligence. Don’t regret the past. You can look back once in a while. But congratulate yourself for ascending onto a new level of life.

Not everyone is able to do it. They lack determination and willpower. Congratulate yourself. Smile. You have a story to tell to the masses of your triumphs.

Your Better Than That

Your advancing in life. You see gradual improvements in social and career situations. Everything is everything like the Lauryn Hill song. You’re unstoppable. Achieving goals and breaking down walls of fear builds this super confidence. Each day your visualizing, reading affirmations and personal development blogs. You share knowledge to people with  limiting views on life.

Your patient and understanding but you don’t want to stay on the rollercoaster of “I Can’t” and “Woe Is Me”. So you leave these people alone and focus on yourself. But then later on your feeling blue. It’s as if someone put a spell on you. You can’t understand it. Why am I feeling this way?

Now, there are thoughts of a fearful past and  future. The What If’s appear in your mind. What If I don’t get this job, girl, or career? I don’t see any progress. What will I do? I know I TKO’D obstacles in the past. I can do it. But I’m trying everything to reach my goals. But I don’t see anything.

I send a correspondence to this person. Check. I email Chester in Philadelphia regarding a position with the Milford Company. Check.  The girl at the art gallery is beautiful. I text her in the afternoon. It’s 8:00pm and no response. I want a career in Personal Development. But I’m also interesting in cooking. What do I do? I’m overwhelmed and confused.

Let me call an ex girl friend even though I know she’s no good for me. I need someone to talk to and make me feel good. How can she make me feel good. I bet you she’s still talking about the same things she was talking about 10 years ago. I’ll call anyway. I haven’t had devil dogs in a minute. I’ll get one from off the top of the fridge.

I’m watching my diet. But I’m depressed. Why don’t anyone want to talk to me? Why can’t I get this position? What’s taking so long? I’ll be in this same position for the next 20 years. I don’t want to be old, alone and homeless.  STOP, STOP, STOP. If your feeling the blues, wake up because life is great.

You’ll achieve everything you want. Stay in the ring. Don’t throw in the towel. You’re so close. You just can’t see it. But your almost there. Who knows maybe you are there. Manifestations can happen at any time. We are not  God. Stay patient, keep inhaling and exhaling positivity and go to work on your dreams.

Don’t go back to your unknowledgeable and self defeating self. You can’t go back anyway. Because your brain won’t let you. You know too much. Informaton on the subconscious, conscious, affirmations and letting go will stay with you forever. Even if you distract yourself  with wordly and sinful pleasures it’s still there. You ignore this knowledge and it will make  you unhappy because you know what to DO.

Jump on my raft and let’s paddle to greatness.


Free Yourself

Escape the mental and physical clutter and just free yourself. Why do we trap ourselves in destructive thoughts and materialism. We’re scared to free our minds with stillness. We have to be busy, worry over things that aren’t important. Busy doing nothing at all. But trying to be seen and appreciated by people who care only about themselves. Appreciate yourself and don’t put your life in other peoples hands.

Your loved ones and friends are concerned about themselves. They should be because it’s their LIFE. They aren’t here to control you and steer you forward in hopes that you will utilize your time on Earth. If they are they’re crazy. They’re figuring things out just like you are.  How they can make more money? Why they can’t move forward from broken relationships? How they can’t shake a bad habit?  ETC, ETC.

We’re looking for answers from the Bible, Personal Development articles, blogs, gurus and anything else to satiate our appetites in becoming superior individuals. Some apply techniques and wisdom while others just absorb material. I believe that once we free ourselves we’ll look at life differently and achieve goals. When we do this we aren’t inhibited with negativity and stress.

These things slow us down and drains mental and physical power. Then to get rid of the problem we drink, smoke, curse, complain, eat DESTRUCTIVE foods and do other things. We sit up at night instead of sleeping because we’re thinking of problems.  That’s why I’m up because my mind is focusing on what someone didn’t do. It’s silly and crazy. I’m not sleeping because I’m thinking of a person’s actions. I’m a fool.

So am I gonna lose sleep over this person? I’m stupid if I do. I’ll be tired in the morning because of worry. While the person is happy from a full 8 hours of sleep. Don’t you ever, ever give your POWER away to people. It’s disastrous because your saying that he or she is stronger and more important than you. Don’t stay up worrying. Get a good nights rest. And yes I am going to bed as well.

Good Night

Omar Hasan

Frustration And Life

FRUSTRATION is annoying and makes me upset.  I mostly keep my composure. I prefer dealing with issues internally than externally. If I didn’t you would see me in a jail cell or in the news for committing a crime. Even though you can’t always bottle emotions because it’s unhealthy.

Who wants to have high blood pressure? DYING from circumstances or people you can’t control. It is what it is like my friend says. But it’s just developing patience. I can see my future being brighter than today. I’m not where I wanna be. I’m taking the steps to get there.  It’s just the process. I want to teleport to my destiny.

Am I prepared? Maybe I’m not. I guess this life thing is like American Gladiators. Only thing is I don’t have to wear a tight blue and white outfit. And thank God I don’t have to worry about someone tackling me like in “Touch and Go”. Or whatever the name of that event is when the contestants have to run past a Gladiator to score a point by placing a ball in a cylindrical tube. BTW I’m referring to the original show.

I just Thank God I have  food, clothinng, shelter and an INCOME. I’m very very grateful. I just want to be more and have more. I want to leave a legacy for my family and the world. I guess it’s kind of egotistical. But in a way it’s not because my goal is to provide value to people by making them better with my words of wisdom.

In no way am I Aristotle or Aesop. I’m Omar Hasan and I believe it’s imperative to leave a lasting mark on people. Why be superficial or have a selfish mentality. We are here to help one another and to advance society. I have a lot more growing to do because I’m not even close to completion. WHO IS?

My life is getting better and better since embracing Growth and Change. I value time and I focus more on my personal projects. These are very important to me.  I don’t know how much time I have left to live an amazing life. So I have to go hard with my dreams and leave Time Eaters alone.

Time eaters are web surfing for long hours, listening to complainers, spending unneccesary energy on celebrity news and gossip. These things deplete  positive energy and advancement in life. If I rid myself of these distractions who knows what I can accomplish. Maybe I’ll have 100 short stories and 2,000 blog entries.

The I’m Gonna Syndrome

I’m gonna write this post. I’m gonna get my driver’s license. I’m gonna go back to school. I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna.  Don’t you get tired of hearing that? After awhile you tune the person out and nod your head hoping that the person shut up. If your not gonna do something don’t pretend that you will.

Anyone can talk about achieving a goal. DOING gets things accomplished. TALKING gives you false confidence and strength. It’ll make you feel good temporarily, but later on  you can become depressed from INACTIVITY. The soul wants you to strive for  goals to stretch  your mind and abilities.

When you don’t, you let yourself down and others. You begin regretting not chasing your dreams. Also, friends and family could have been counting on you to succeed.  Your ACTIONS may have possibly pushed them to go after their dreams.

RESULTS matter not talking. I’m not perfect and neither are you. Each of us put off things. Sometimes it’s FEAR, FAMILY ISSUES, HEALTH, PROCRASTINATION or it can be something else. But once in awhile, there’s something you don’t do that can have a major impact on your future.

For example, you keep saying your gonna visit the doctor. You say this for years. When you go he discovers a tumor.  Six years ago, you were single, childless and living with your parents. You told friends of your dreams to study Sports Medicine. Now, you have to work and find a babysitter so you can attend college. Of course this dream is still possible.

But you have to make adjustments. Make a list of your goals. Picture them. Consider affirmations. Have a productive friend monitor progress towards your goals. Select the best method to achieve your goals. Keep BELIEVING and ACHIEVING. And don’t tell me what your GONNA DO!