The Disappearance Of Hate Contest Is Over

The winner of the contest is Farouk  of . Since no one left a comment on “The Disappearance Of Hate” post, I decided to choose someone who left a recent comment on my older posts. Btw check out his site.


Omar Hasan

Keep Trying

Was feeling a little blue. This brought a smile to my face.

Your There, Not Almost There

The mind is impressionable so be careful what you say. Feed it with positive messages. Don’t give up. Your in the promised land. We always say to people what we want to do. I want  a house,  a new job and more money. Change your programming. You have a brand new house with high ceilings and wooden floors.

It’s spacious. There’s a balcony with a view of robust, leafy trees and old school red brick buildings. I love my new job. The people are funny, cordial and adventurous. After work, we  bowl and on holiday weekends we go rock climbing. My income is soaring.  I make $2,000,000 a year.  I’m driving a 2010 BMW to a business meeting with 50 Cent in Bayonne, NJ.

You just have to believe. Anything can happen and will happen if you believe. You’re in a certain situation now because of predominant thoughts and beliefs.

Happy Resurrection Sunday

Today is the day Jesus helped wiped away mankind’s sins. The focus isn’t shopping but paying homage to Christ. I don’t care if people think I’m super religious. I’m a imperfect person who’s a believer. 


The Story of Jake Olson (Boy Has A lot Of Heart)

You have to keep moving in life. I don’t care what happens to you. If Jake can persevere, so can you. I believe in you.

Watch the video:

The Disappearance of Hate Contest

“The Disappearance Of Hate” is a collection of poems on overcoming and conquering adversities on life. It pushes the reader to think positive and chase after dreams. It’s my first book available in ebook and paper binding (sort of like soft cover) format. I haven’t mentioned the book because this site is dedicated to uplifting readers to live amazing lives by pursuing dreams and being passionate about life.

“The Disappearance Of Hate” contest is a reward for goal conscious people  who are too busy to take a break to revel in their achievement. The 1st place winner receives an autograph copy of “The Disappearance of Hate” (physical book), 2nd and 3rd place winners get the ebook. Only thing you have to do is drop a comment on this post. It can be brief. 1.) What was your goal?  2.) How did you achieve it? 3.) What did you learn along the journey?

The 1st comment gets the 1st place prize. 2nd and 3rd comments receive the ebook.

P.S. the achievement has to be positive. The contest ends April 3rd.


Omar Hasan

No Time 2 Celebrate

Setting goals and accomplishing them is a really really big thing. We are so focused on doing. It’s nothing wrong with progressing, but take the time to celebrate your success/s. You deserve it. I finally self published physical copies of “The Disappearance Of Hate” and I haven’t soaked in the glory yet. I’m too busy working a regular job and devising marketing schemes for my book.

I will celebrate. If you’re furthering your life by chasing after your dreams, then I salute and applaud you. I’M PROUD OF YOU! Party it up. Go to a restaurant with family and friends. Just enjoy yourself. If you already celebrated, then I’m happy for you.  It’s a must that we acknowledge hardwork and perseverance. How are you celebrating your success/s?

Why Am I Holding Back?

Yes, I am holding back. Sometimes I believe that people won’t understand me. Why should they? I’m one of a kind. There will never be another me. EVER. So, I have to embrace ideas and push them into the world.

I know your asking, “What is he talking about?” This topic revolves around being an extraordinary writer. I get stuck overthinking ideas. Will this work? I can’t say this. This might offend people. What I’m saying is too much for the public to consume.

I was speaking with a good friend of mine over the weekend.  He gave his opinion on my writing style. He deemed it too technical. I applauded his honesty. I reflected on my style and word usage.

It wasn’t a put down. He said that “I have tremendous talent” and I shouldn’t worry if my writing doesn’t make sense. This is in regards to poetry and other writings.  He’s right. I have to let go.

My job is to challenge people’s thinking and to challenge myself creatively. I’m growing and maturing as a writer. During the weekend, I was in a writing zone. I followed my heart and wrote a few poems.

I tried changing structure and adding a couple of pauses to my poems. I want to be formless.  I can do it. I just have to keep writing. His words challenged me this weekend. I felt inspired to take more chances with my writing.

After I finished a poem, I tried calling him, but there was no answer. I wanted to show that I can be less technical. That was my ego. I’m glad he didn’t pick up (lol). I still love him. He’s my guy. I have nothing to prove to anyone.

I can never please anyone, but myself. Each day I have to answer this question: Do I want to move torwards greatness or stay put because of fear?

Say Something

Man, I really love “Say Something”.  You must find a mate who’s supportive and not jealous of your success.

Nuff said.

Check the video:

In Sickness, There Is Clarity

Yes, in sickness there is clarity. I’m a testament to it. I dislike being sick. But, the it let me know that I need to slow down.  I was overexerting myself. Writing and researching seven days a week and working a temp job. I became a workaholic. I was always on the computer working on projects, researching and listening to music.

 It was all about me. Ididn’t know how to relax and wind down. I ignored my family. Everyone needs a break from work. Who want’s to burn out from their passion/s? Or be alone with the gold plaques?

I just want to write and encourage people.  It’s impossible if my health is affected. Right now, by God’s grace I’m healthy. The days laying in bed showed that I have to increase my leisure.

During that time I watched movies and basketball. Two things that I loved when I was a kid. I shouted and grimaced through made and missed baskets. I perused the cable guide channel for movies. I watched Donnie Brasco and Dead Presidents.

I had fun. Also, the conversation with my parents were more real. It wasn’t a brush off. I wasn’t too busy to communicate with them.  Once again, In sickness there is clarity.